Free BitCoins for inviting your friends!
About KryptoMachine

KryptoMachine is the biggest new BitCoin project on the internet! Our goal is to grow our cryptocurrency assets as fast as possible and become market leaders in one year. We have a big team of experienced investors and developers and access to very powerful computing resources across the globe. We are currently in the last stage of developing our public platform which will revolutionize the BitCoin industry and allow everyone to join a top-earning network. More information will follow later.

How much do I get for every invited user?
The payout for one user is always displayed at the top of the home page. You will also get additional bonuses for visitors from top-tier countries and for users who join our platform.

What countries do you accept?
We accept users from all countries!

Are there any invitation limits?
No, you can invite as many users as you want!

Do the users need to sign up?
No, you will get paid immediately when they visit your link. However, you will get additional bonus if they decide to sign up.

Where can I post my link?
You can post it anywhere on the web: forums, videos, social networks and many more... Don't forget to invite all your friends as well!

How do I log in?
There is no need for passwords or creating accounts. Your wallet address is your only key. You can only withdraw earnings to this wallet so there are no chances of somebody misusing your account in any way.

Where can I get a BitCoin wallet?
If you are new to BitCoin you can use one of many BitCoin wallet solutions providers to create a new wallet and start receiving coins. We recommend checking out Coinbase.

Can I withdraw to another wallet?
No, each wallet's earnings can only be withdrawn to that same wallet. However, you can always create a new account and get a new personal link attached to the new wallet.

When can I withdraw?
Currently you can withdraw your earnings when you successfully invite at least 5 people. This limit helps us minimize administration costs.

When will I receive the payment?
We are constantly sending out payments to our users. Sometimes this might take a bit due to a long queue in front of you. However, usually it takes less than a day to receive your payment.

Are there any payment limits?
No, you can request for as many payments as you want!

I invited a new user but did not get paid.
This might have happened if the user has been already invited by another person. Also, sometimes referrals need to click on an additional button to enter the site in order to verify that they are human. We only accept real people. We use strict measures against bots and other ways to artificially increase referral numbers.


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